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Hi, there! Hope your keyboard’s dry and tidy, today. 😀

Sai · @saiki


How to approach User Interface Design, for non-designer programmers?

As a designer myself, I can say that the process can be subjective and can vary from designer to designer. There are, however, certain conventions you can follow to make this process easier. The process I personally follow goes something like this… Read full answer by Shaan Suleman.


What are the core differences between the JavaScript flavours: TypeScript & ECMAScript?

First, you should explain what Typescript is and what problems does it solves. TypeScript is a superset of Javascript that compiles to plain JavaScript. By superset I mean this: it supports all ECMAScript 6 features… Read full answer by Kleo Petrov.

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A codepen implementation to quickly switch between sections in a page, using arrow keys (codepen)
Advice on sharing your codebase across web and mobile; with a ReactJS + React Native approach (ckl)
An opinionated Node playbook that aims to reduce Node development fatigue by aiding you with all the choices (github)
A great macOS tool for organising, and transforming all of your SVGs (github)

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