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Sai · @saiki


How to deal with JSFatigue?

I think the trick is to move from "must know all" to "what is the problem at hand". What is your current pain? That is where your research and read efforts should go I think, for the rest it should suffice to do some headline scanning... Read full answer by Michel Weststrate, Creator of MobX.

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Ben Alpert

React core team at Facebook, previously at Khan Academy.

Starts on Wed, 31st Aug 6PM GMT for 2h

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Live Discussions - hashtrends

Today's Hashtrends

# PowerShellOpenSourced

Microsoft open sources PowerShell and brings it to Linux and Mac OS X. What's your take on this?

# MySleeplessDeploy

Let's admit it. Most of us love coding at night. Have you ever had a "sleepless" deploy? Share it with the community.

Top Links

Thimble by Mozilla - An online code editor for learners & educators (mozilla)
CSS only Pendulum effect (codepen)
Realtime Monitoring for Express-based Node applications : express-status-monitor (npmjs)
A CLI dashboard for webpack dev server (github)

Best Discussions

The List Mutability Pitfall in Python

Story · by Maria Charman · 4 responses

How to deal with the flood of "new things to learn" for web developers that seems to be increasing every day?

Answered by Creator of MobX and 8 others

How should you go about updating your UI? Optimistically, or pessimistically?

Poll · 68 votes · 7 responses

How do you deal with stress and burnout, from work?

Question · 12 responses

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Is it true that software developers’ careers become stuck and reach a dead-end once they're 40+ years old?

Question · 6 responses

Best ways to recruit developers?

Question · 4 responses

What are a few things that we, as software developers, are collectively doing wrong?

Question · 11 responses

When going for a new job, what do you prefer, and why?

Poll · 92 votes · 6 responses
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