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Music makes Mondays better. 🎵 Do you listen to any music while coding/working? I prefer ambient electronica, and have been listening to a lot of Tycho the past few days. What’s your preferred genre, and who’re your favourite artisits? Let the community know — #MusicToCodeBy

A few interesting things that caught my eye the past week, in gist:

  • To .jsx or to not .jsx 🤔 This one’s a great discussion, on a PR in Airbnb’S JavaScript Style Guide repo, whether to restrict JSX code to .js files only. Dan Abramov’s rationale — on why a single .js extension all across your codebase is better than having custom extensions like .jsx — is a good food for thought.

  • Weight loss with Machine Learning 😎 Ariel Faigon has an interesting write-up in this repo on how he approached weight loss, with machine learning. He goes on in detail about his process — how we went on to set his daily activities as markers, finally classified into positive and negative outcomes.

  • Facebook vs. Adblock 👊 Facebook decided to go ahead with bypassing ad-blockers. Challenges were thrown upon from either sides of the Facebook-Adblock fence; and this article does a good job of summarising it all well, if you are not upto speed with the whole “FacebookVersusAdblock” news.

Now that I have had my say, down below is the last week’s best of Hashnode that you might have missed.

Sai · @saiki


What do you think are the most important skills/tools that every full-stack software developer should master?

As a Full Stack Developer it is very important that you have deep knowledge of every part of the application. This means you have to know the languages, patterns, optimization opportunities and how 3rd party software..... Read full answer by Marco Alka.


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Top Links

Node.js web frameworks are slow (medium)
Tal Kol - Introduction to React Native Performance (youtube)
The Ultimate CSS Selectors Cheetsheet (adtrak)
Make your JavaScript code shine: knockout old ES5 hacks (rainsoft)

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What are the guidelines, if any, that you follow when commenting code?

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What was your first open source contribution and how did it feel like?

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What skills should full-stack developers master?

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What is your ideal number of lines of code in a single file?

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Best programming posters!

If you were to put a huge poster (mural) on your office wall, what would it be?

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How do you convince the V.P. of Engineering to follow agile practices and allow pair programming?

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How to go about building a Slack bot?

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Do you go back to jQuery after using AngularJS and ReactJS?

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