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Hope all’s going well at the other end of the screen. Before we dive into the awesome Hashnode compilation of everything noteworthy, a couple of interesting things that caught my attention this week

  • React Fiber: Andrew Clark from the React team has written up a great copy on the the “architectural” side of things, for the ongoing reimplementation of React’s core algorithm. The explanation style is pretty lucid, and it’s definitely a good lunch break read.

  • Apple joins the ranks of major tech companies, offering huge cash incentives in exchange for undiscovered vulnerabilities in their offerings; by announcing its bug bounty program.

  • We had two great AMAs last week; one with Kenneth Reitz ⭐️, and the other one with Free CodeCamp — hosted by Quincy Larson 👑. We have summarised Kenneth’s AMA here. The highlights for FreeCodeCamp’s are being penned down, and shall be published on our blog. Stay tuned.

Hit me up if you came across anything awesome!

Sai · @saiki


ES6 + Flow vs Typescript, what's the difference?

Let's start with their similarities. Both Flow and Typescript introduce a powerful and in my opinion needed feature - a type system. Type systems can make the code a lot more easier to maintain, more readable and easier to analyse..... Read full answer by Kleo Petrov.

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