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Hola Hashnoder, it's Monday, time to grab some ☕️ and be awesome.

We ♥️ react a lot at Hashnode; so reading about the new minor release v15.3, with a new PureComponent base class, doing away with the business of no-good mixins; and packed with a whole lot of other awesome features, was exciting.

We have two great AMAs scheduled this week, one from the author of "the" most popular Python library, Kenneth Reitz; and the other from an organisation, Free Code Camp - spearheaded by Quincy Larson - who have taken it upon themselves to make high quality full stack web development education, free for all. They will answer all your questions, which can be posted in advance. Here's a 🍪 if you go ask one now. 😅

And let's not forget about the Monday “Hashnode” developer goodness that we lovingly curate for you every week. As always, I'm waiting for you at the other end of the reply button; let me know how the 🍪 was. 😉

Sai · @saiki

Upcoming AMAs

AMA with Kenneth Reitz
Python Overlord at Heroku. Creator of Requests: HTTP for Humans
Starts on Wed, 3rd Aug 6 PM GMT for 2h
AMA with Free Code Camp
An open source community of busy people who learn to code and help nonprofits
Starts on Wed, 5th Aug 6 PM GMT for 2h


Why did Douglas Crockford remove comments from JSON?

Comments (in languages, configuration formats etc.) are often used to encode metadata that only specific parsers can understand.... Read full answer by Lorefnon.

Top Links

Facebook shipped React v15.3.0 with React.PureComponent & react-test-renderer (facebook/github)
Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming (medium)
Aurelia 1.0 is finally out! (durandal)
Mesmerizing WebGL Tunnel, built with Three.js (codepen)

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