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Happy Monday, Hashnoders! How are you doing? We had another amazing week at Hashnode and this newsletter is all about the best from last week.

1.聽Your license to use React.js can be revoked if you compete with Facebook - This was the biggest controversy last week. But it turns out that it's a FUD as Paul Irish revealed that multiple teams inside Google use React.

2.聽Marcus has penned down this wonderful story about his experience on Hashnode. Thank you, Marcus; and I would like to give you a shout out on behalf of our entire team. It makes all of us working at Hashnode super excited. 馃嵒

3. We would like to know what your ReactJS test infrastructure looks like. If you use React, let the community know the tools you use for testing in React.

4. Wondering what a great answer looks like? Take a look at @lorefnon's response.

Hashnode encourages subjective and opinion based questions. So, if you have a programming question, why not ask it now?

Sandeep Panda
@sandeep, Co-Founder, Hashnode


What are the benefits of redux-thunk and redux-saga? Pros and cons

Redux advertises itself as a predictable state container. This predictability comes at a cost: Your actions that are supposed to manipulate the state of your application are processed synchronously through... Read full answer by Lorefnon.

Top Links

Create Apps with No Configuration (facebook/github)
Learn VIM shortcuts through gifs (vimgifs)
CSS only 3D Maze like the old Windows screen saver (codepen)
Level up your JavaScript skills while playing an online MMO strategy game (screeps)

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Would you recommend Visual Studio Code to non-windows developers?

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What are the core differences between promises and observables?

Question 路 4 responses

The password less login system - #Interesting

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Benefits of API driven architecture in web apps vs traditional web apps

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Advantages of using a statically typed language for building APIs

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