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By the time this newsletter reaches your inbox, the design do over for Hashnode that our team has been working over on, should reach your screens. A detailed post is due on all the design decisions that our team went through. Meanwhile, you can let me know what you think about it, the good and the bad. Just hit that reply button. I’m all ears. Promise. 🙂

Sai @saiki
Developer Relations · Hashnode
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How many hours have you coded for at one stretch?

Well, it's a bad idea in general, but you can make it less bad. Couple of tips... Read full answer by Steven Langbroek .

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JavaScript library for Formatting input text content automatically - Cleave.js (github)
Common mistakes designers make while designing forms and how to fix them (uxdesign)
ThreeJS Demo - 3D animation effects (codepen)
The Two Pillars of JavaScript — JavaScript Scene (medium)

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