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It's Monday, huh? Don't worry because you are going to do great this week. Last week was amazing for us in the Hashnode community. Without further delay, let me quickly present some of the key highlights and a few discussions I liked.

1. webpack team needs your help in preparing the documentation.
2. Ever wanted to see if Redux and Angular can be friends? Well, this article explains everything.
3. How do you handle difference of opinion in your company? Share with us!
4. Little fun stuff - What theme do you prefer in your IDE - dark or white? Check out this poll to see what other developers voted for.

Sometimes people ask me "what is the real value proposition of Hashnode?" I either direct them to this question or point them to a discussion like this.

The point is that developers on Hashnode really go out of their way to help others who are just getting started. This is one of the main value additions of Hashnode and we all should be proud of the amazingly helpful folks in our community.

Sandeep @sandeep
Picked Answer

Understanding Functional Programming

Functional Programming is a fundamentally different way of thinking about programs than Object Oriented Programming... Read full answer by Raza Sayed.

Top Links

Beyond Console Debugging Tricks (medium)
ES6 for Humans - A kickstarter guide to writing ES6 (github)
JavaScript can render fast in canvas, 100000 points in realtime : Fluctuating Repetition (koaning)
Neon Light animation using CSS only! (codepen)

Best Discussions

Building the custom Android module for React Native

Story · by sriraman

Should JavaScript developers use ES6 classes?

Poll · 98 votes · 5 Comments

What JavaScript framework do you use at work and why?

Question · 17 Answers

How does being event driven helps Node.js have better performance than Java?

Question · 3 Answers

Which is the better PHP Framework : Laravel vs CodeIgniter?

Poll · 86 votes · 5 Comments

Functional programming languages that are suited for web development?

Question · 5 Answers

Quick Poll : Where do developers host public repos - GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab?

Poll · 144 votes · 7 Comments

Using scaffolding tools and generators - Is it a good idea?

Question · 7 Answers
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