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The best part of being a part of Hashnode community is that you get to meet many smart developers. I really like how @equimper got started with programming (in just 7 months, btw) after quitting Army. Check out his little project and give him some feedback, if you have any!

Some highlights from last week :

1. You can now pin repos to your GitHub profile.
2. MobX 2.3 released.
3. Git 2.9 is out!
4. Samsung acquires Joyent, the company which nurtured and grew Node.js.
5. Algolia released Algolia Places, which turns any <input> into address autocomplete.
6. Learn about Facebook's homegrown linter which helps them keep the CSS quality high.

Sandeep @sandeep
Picked Answer

Should you really worry about the speed differences between React and Angular 2 shadow DOM?

Why is it that important? Your application will probably never feel a difference. The performance on web requests, loading resources such as images or any other assets... Ovidiu Bădiță

Top Links

Google Fonts goes material. (google)
Git 2.9 is out, with an improved diff algorithm, beautiful commit messages, and a lot more. (github)
npms : Better way to search for npm modules. (npms)
Modern JavaScript frustrations explained! ;) (cube-drone)

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