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We had some really interesting discussions last week on Hashnode and I personally discovered a bunch of new things thanks to the amazing contributors. Let me highlight some of the key items here :

— Cloudflare released their UI framework called cf-ui 
— Check out Lerna, a tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages
jQuery 3.0 Final Released
Kleo explains how he spends his weekends. I like his rule "do whatever and whenever you want to feel inspired and fuelled through the whole week!".

@bnb is doing some research for the Node.js Education Working Group (WG). If you are a Node.js developer, please participate in this discussion and let us know your experience with Node.js.

Also, I am happy to announce that Hashnode Times has a new home on the web for you to read all of our past newsletters. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates whenever we add a new newsletter.

Sandeep @sandeep
📌 Picked Answer

How do you evaluate and choose a tech stack for an enterprise project?

Make a list of your business requirements, will it be something that's used internally, is it a B2B product or a B2C product. Do you need it to run on mobile? Not everything needs to run on mobile, example callcentre software is desktop only most of the time... Jan Vladimir Mostert

Top Links

Cub n Pup - Interesting Puzzle game made with CSS and JavaScript (codepen)
Spotify engineering culture. A video of "How Things Are Today" and "How They Want Things To Be". (vimeo)
Rangle.io : Angular 2 Training (gitbook)
Mega Boilerplate : Handcrafted starter projects, optimized for simplicity and ease of use (megaboilerplate)

Top Posts

Angular2 Dart experience compared to KotlinJS, ScalaJS, React, Angular2, GWT and TeaVM. 🔥

Story · 23 upvotes · Jan Vladimir Mostert

Should Bower be deprecated in favour of npm?

Poll · 95 votes

ReactJS - Good resources to understand and learn ReactJS


NodeJS - Hurdles and successes in learning NodeJS.


Why developers don't use cloud IDE over MAC, Linux and Ubuntu?


Do you think it is necessary to assign titles to software developers?

Poll · 60 votes

Which is better - Generalist in multiple languages or specialist in single language?


What type of app are you working on right now : traditional web app or single page app?

Poll · 82 votes

MongoDB vs MySQL : Which is better for an eCommence platform?

Poll · 58 votes
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