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Deploying MERN to Heroku in few simple steps

[Story] Working with MERN stack? In this article, Jake Foraker deploys a MERN project to Heroku in 9 simple steps. Check it out.

Comparison: Node.js, PHP, C, Go, Python and Ruby

[Story] Louis compares the performance of Node.js, PHP, C, Go, Python and Ruby by running the same code in each.

What is the best way to get value out of Hashnode?

We're glad and proud. Here's how Hashnode is helping developers around the world.

Architecture: How will you design the architecture of a service like slack?

How to build a Slack like service in order to make vision-impaired people's life better?

What would you use for generating PDF (Web)?

For Documents, Invoices or attachments in mails there are many possibilities to generate your own pdf on a server. What would you use today in a typical PHP app?

Silly mistakes front-end developers do while coding or designing

Front-end developers share the silly mistakes they do while coding.

Have managed services killed Devops?

Do you think Devops is dead because of all the managed cloud services? Read what developers have to say.

What do you think of the Redux Ducks proposal?

To improve modularity Erik Rasmussen came up with Ducks: Redux Reducer Bundles. Here's what developers think about Redux Ducks.

Making Multiplayer HTML5 Game.

[Youtube] Building a Multiplayer Shooting Game with Node.JS, MongoDB and WebSocket (Tutorial series 1–10: Jan-May, 2016).

Gutenberg — A Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit

[Link] Gutenberg is a work-in-progress project by Matej Latin that brings meaning and craftsmanship to web typography.

ECMAScript 6: Functions + Prototype or Class Syntax?

[Poll] What do you prefer to use in ES6 - Functions + prototypes or Class syntax?

How often do you merge your development branch into master branch?

What are the best practices and recommendations here?

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