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AMA with MobX
AMA with MobX - An up and coming state management solution that makes state management simple and scalable. LIVE Session from 6PM GMT 10th May.
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Unit Testing React Components with Tape

[STORY] React components are modular and composable. And Unit test exist to tests software modules. Hence it makes React components a perfect candidate for Unit tests.

Guardian - Middleware based permission control for Laravel

[STORY] Understand permission control using middleware in Laravel in this story.

How do I convince my boss to allow the use of GIT?

An interesting discussion thread highlighting the importance of Git/GitHub and why organizations should use them.

With the arrival of ES6, do you think CoffeeScript has reached its end?

Since most of CoffeeScript features are available in ES6 without having to compile the code, is it still worth it at all?

Can vim be used as a fully fledged code editor?

Can you write real world JavaScript web apps? What about full project search, syntax highlighting etc? Also how should you start in order to use vim as a go to code editor?

Where and how would one typically use GitLab?

How is GitLab different from GitHub and why should one use it?

What tools and methodologies do you use for architecting specific parts/features of a system?

How software architects plan things and share ideas? How do you communicate with your team members about the architecture, especially when you are working remotely?

Difference between var, let and const keywords in JavaScript/ES6?

Check out some of the best explanations for var, let and const keywords.

How do you store your client's passwords?

How do you deal with secure data of your clients when freelancing? Here are some good suggestions.

MJML now has a desktop app : Responsive Email Design

[LINK] Responsive email framework MJML now has a desktop app, equipped with a list of templates ready to use in a single click and a customizable live editor to play around with.

Will you use Angular2 with TypeScript or JS?

Angular2 is built on TypeScript and really really wants you to use it too, however it's not a requirement. Do you plan on learning TS in order to make the switch from Angular1 or continue using ES6/7?

Which framework is best for ultimate performance in PHP and Node.js?

Check out which frameworks give the best performance in PHP and NodeJS.

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