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AMA with Chris Coyier
AMA with Chris Coyier - Creator of CodePen, CSS-Tricks and Podcaster at ShopTalk. LIVE Session from 6PM GMT 5th May.
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April 2016

Oh, it's the beginning of the month. Time to highlight awesome developers on Hashnode. Check out the top developers who contributed great content in last 30 days in our Wall of Fame.

Featured posts of the week

10 things you probably didn't know about JavaScript & GraphQL development at Facebook - Node.js & React

[STORY] Sandeep highlights 10 things from Lee Byron's AMA on Hashnode.

Creating native CSS mixins with @apply rule

[STORY] Love creating mixins in Less/Sass? Read this article to know how to do it natively inside CSS.

Top CLI tools / hacks for productivity

An interesting discussion thread where developers share cool CLI tips and hacks. Check them out.

Procedural vs Functional vs OOP : Which is the best approach for beginner?

[Poll] "Programming is closely tied to problem of visualisation." - Read full response of Ujjwal Kanth.

Calculating size of JSON objects in Node.js

How do you measure the size of a JSON object in Node.js and impose a size limit on it?

When should one use React?

Any user interaction intensive site can be built with Express and numerous templating engines. But when does React come in picture? Read to find out.

Curated Color Palettes with Search and Tags Support

[Link] Cool website for selecting and browsing color palettes.

What's your favourite config file format?

[Poll] Here are the options : JSON, YAML, Properties File, XML

Node v6.0.0 (Current)

[Link] NodeJS pushes out a new release, know all about it.

The perks of being a full stack developer

Are you a full stack developer? Do you want to become one? Read this discussion thread to know what it is like to be a full stack developer.

Which is a better data exchange format for building web APIs : JSON or XML?

Do you think XML APIs have any real benefits today? Isn't JSON a better data interchange format? Which one according to you is better?

Should front-end developers have basic knowledge of Node?

Do you think front-end developers dealing with JS/CSS etc should have basic Node knowledge? Check out what developers have to say.

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