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AMA with Chris Coyier
AMA with Chris Coyier - Creator of CodePen, CSS-Tricks and Podcaster at ShopTalk

LIVE from 6PM GMT 5th May.

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AMA with SurviveJS
AMA with SurviveJS - Learn Webpack and React with SurviveJS.

LIVE from 5PM GMT 29th April. 

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Featured posts of the week

How we built our new search using Algolia

[STORY] Here's how we integrated Algolia search into Hashnode. Mayank explains the complete process in this story.

Github over Bitbucket?

[POLL] An interesting discussion on when to choose what. Check it out.

Flexbox Patterns

[Link] Build awesome user interfaces with CSS flexbox and cool examples.

What's the hardest part of Webpack to understand?

Juho, one of the contributors to webpack, seeks feedback from the developers.

How do you deal with styles in React?

Here are some good suggestions on dealing with component's styles in React. Check them out.

Does your company use Scrum?

Should you use scrum in your company? Check out the suggestions from the developers.

What would you change in PHP?

We all love PHP. It's the first programming language for most of the web developers. Given an opportunity, what would you change in it?

What's your preferred Redux infrastructure?

Which packages are you using? What is your file structure? How you handle application state, notifications and Ajax Requests?

What did you move onto after HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript?

An interesting discussion post where developers share how they become novice to ninja and which technologies did they learn in their journey.

Questions to ask while hiring for the Devops position

"I tend to look at "Devops" as the philosophy of involving both developers and traditional system admins in the creation and development of the application. .." Read Adam Listek's interesting response to this question.

Best resources to learn HTML and CSS.

Optimization, responsive, semantic tags, conventions, good practices and more. Here are some good resources to learn them all.

Without looking it up, do you know how to do an AJAX request without using jQuery or some other library?

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