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AMA with Lee Byron

AMA with Lee Byron - Engineer @ Facebook. Working on React, GraphQL, Immutable.js, Mobile and JavaScript - LIVE from 27th April, 6PM GMT.
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Featured posts of the week

Front-end CSS & JavaScript frameworks to try in 2016

[STORY] In this article, Ida Hansen showcased some of the good and less heard front-end frameworks to try this year.

Kite - Programming copilot

[LINK] Kite augments your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge.

Productivity and project management tools that developers use

Here are some of the best tools listed by developers that help them stay productive and on-time.

Can we finally ignore IE9 while developing web apps?

Check out the reasons given to ignore IE9 from your projects.

3 things devs hate the most about CSS!

If you are given an opportunity to change 3 things in the current CSS standards, what would they be? Excited to hear what the community has to say. This post has some of the best responses.

How should you install NPM packages? globally or locally?

Denny Trebbin explains why you shouldn't install packages globally.

What stops JavaScript/Node.js from becoming an enterprise language like Java?

Do you use Bower for managing your frontend JS dependencies?

[POLL] Do you think it's a good idea to use it? Check out what developers voted for.

Go vs NodeJS : which one is good for building micro services and why?


Great tips for building a moderately complex first React app.

Nayaabkhan Khan shares some great advices for building first React app easily.

What are some key things in Laravel that PHP developers like the most?

Some great points on why Laravel so popular among PHP developers.

Docker app config management

What is the best way to manage application configuration for Docker container?

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