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npm is the Beating Heart of the JavaScript Ecosystem

"Did you npm install today? I know I did. npm is now an inseparable part of most JavaScript developers' day to day development cycle." Read this interesting article by Dor Tzur.

Best tips and guidelines to follow while writing commit messages

Each commit message should include a type, a scope and a subject. Read more tips by Somasundaram Ayyappan.

If you were to learn React all over again, what would be your path?

Here's what Sandeep Panda, Jack Callister and others have to say about this topic.

How to deal with Box-shadow-color problem?

How would you change box-shadow color in CSS? There's no box-shadow-color property in CSS.

How to become a professional web developer? Tips for novice developers.

To become a "professional front-end developer", you must first have the right mindset! Read Kleo's full answer here.

What tools/services do you use for monitoring your production servers?

Developers explain what tools they use for monitoring their production servers. Check it out.

What are CSS Modules and why do we need them?

[Link] CSS-Tricks | Check out why some developers disapprove the use of CSS Modules.

As NPM is a private body, do you think Node.js ecosystem needs a more open and community driven approach for managing packages?

What do you use - import or require() in Node.js ES6 applications and Why?

When you write your back-end applications in ES6 do you prefer to use "import" standard ES6 or continue using "require()".

Do you use ES2015 for your AngularJS 1.5.x applications or not?

POLL - Check out what developers voted for.

Have you ever used Service Workers?

Service Workers seem very promising to enable the creation of effective offline experiences and enable caching of specific content for web applications. Have you ever used Service Workers? If so, how was your experience?

Best Links of the week

Being tired isn’t a badge of honor

MEDIUM | "A lot of entrepreneurs onstage have been bragging about not sleeping, telling their audiences about their 16-hour days, and making it sound like hustle-at-all-costs is the way ahead."

Beginner’s Guide to React Router

MEDIUM | "Or what I wish I knew when starting with React Router."

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