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AMA with Jeffrey Way

AMA with Jeffrey Way - the owner of Laracasts and an influential voice in the web development community. He is a co-host on the official Laravel podcast and has written a number of successful books.
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Featured posts of the week

What is BEM and why you should use it?

[STORY] In this story, Alkshendra explains what BEM is and why you should use it in your projects.

Why, Where And Who Uses Polymer?

[STORY] Here's a good overview about Polymer, its current status and why to use it.

What syntax irks you?

"Right now, I can't get over Go's tendency to capitalise MethodNames. In my mind, Classes are capitalised, and methods are either camelCase or under_scored ..."

Which flavour of loop do you use most of the times in your primary programming language?

Is PHP + MySQL based stack still relevant in 2016?

"How far one can go with this stack? I am talking about plain PHP (no HHVM and other stuff) and MySQL DB."

How do you manage styles in ReactJS?

Do you have a stylesheet per component or a single stylesheet? What are the pros and cons of componentization of stylesheets?

Why is there so much variation in email CSS support amongst different clients?

Every other client has its own implementation and supported rules. Some don't allow even simple properties like background-image while some support most advanced rules like media queries.

In Node.js, should we bundle or use babel require hook in production?

[POLL] Create a bundle or Use Babel require hook? Check out what developers voted for.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in your career as a software developer?

Which is the best way to create a React component?

Which method do you use - React.createClass or ES6 plain class?

Best Links of the week

A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.


How to reduce the cognitive load of your code?


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