21st July 2017

Issue 080

Your first operating system!? πŸ‘‹

13th July 2017

Issue 079

Should you break up over spaces and tabs? πŸ’”

2nd July 2017

Issue 078

Questions computers can never answer πŸ€” πŸ€–

21st June 2017

Issue 077

TODOs βœ… in Code

14th June 2017

Issue 076

Good coders, bad stuff! πŸ”¨πŸ’»

7th June 2017

Issue 075

Is web development broken? 🌍 πŸ€”

31st May 2017

Issue 074

Jack of Many, Master of Few πŸ€“

24th May 2017

Issue 073

The hardest bug πŸ›

17th May 2017

Issue 072

Optimization vs Readability πŸ’» πŸ‘“

10th May 2017

Issue 071

Coder's Worst Nightmare

3rd May 2017

Issue 070

Hardest β€œHello, World!”

26th April 2017

Issue 069

8 signs of a software architect 🍻

19th April 2017

Issue 068

AI vs Developers

12th April 2017

Issue 067

Give Go a go!

4th April 2017

Issue 066

Who are you? I am a git commit.

28th March 2017

Issue 065

Why Devs. πŸ’š JavaScript?

21st March 2017

Issue 064

Personal Dev Goals

14th March 2017

Issue 063

Avoiding boredom at work

7th March 2017

Issue 062

What’s your honest Dev. confession?

28th February 2017

Issue 061

Sexism in tech

21st February 2017

Issue 060

Struggle or Google?

14th February 2017

Issue 059

If you had access to any codebase in the world…

7th February 2017

Issue 058

Is OOP bad?

31st January 2017

Issue 057

git merge or git rebase?

24th January 2017

Issue 056

Best macOS apps for developers

16th January 2017

Issue 055

If Facebook were built today, which tech stack would it use?

9th January 2017

Issue 054

Why is JavaScript the de facto language of the web?

2nd January 2017

Issue 053

Coding outside of your comfort zone

27th December 2016

Issue 052

What's on your checklist for 2017?

19th December 2016

Issue 051

How do you name your git branches?

12th December 2016

Issue 050

Software is eating the world

5th December 2016

Issue 049

Does naming variables and functions portray programming experience?

28th November 2016

Issue 048

Clean Code, Design Critiques, Open Source contributions, and more

21st November 2016

Issue 047

Tips for a better Redux architecture, Git vs SVN, Programmer's best friend and more

14th November 2016

Issue 046

What we learned after using React Native for a year

7th November 2016

Issue 045

Is programming just a hype?

31st October 2016

Issue 044

How I mastered JavaScript and how you can too

24th October 2016

Issue 043

AMA with Yarn; Life of a programmer and more

17th October 2016

Issue 042

If humans were software, what would be a few of the possible bugs?

10th October 2016

Issue 041

Do developer conferences add any real value?

3rd October 2016

Issue 040

What are your long-term goals as a developer?

26th September 2016

Issue 039

Dealing with Technology fatigue, cognitive burden of choice, large codebases, and more...

19th September 2016

Issue 038

Content precedes design

12th September 2016

Issue 037

A story of becoming "good" at something

5th September 2016

Issue 036

Full Stack Developer 101, 64-bit vs 32-bit architecture and more

29th August 2016

Issue 035

Dealing with developer blues; amazing music; AMA with a core React team member β€” exciting week ahead

22nd August 2016

Issue 034

AMA with Ben Alpert, React core team at Facebook; How to deal with JSFatigue?

15th August 2016

Issue 033

What skills should full-stack developers master?

8th August 2016

Issue 032

Is current React/Redux development infrastructure overcomplicated?

1st August 2016

Issue 031

What programming language do you want to learn next?

25th July 2016

Issue 030

Why do developers prefer dark theme in code editors?

18th July 2016

Issue 029

How long have you coded for at one stretch?

11th July 2016

Issue 028

Where do you host your public repos?

4th July 2016

Issue 027

What sets experienced developers apart from beginners?

27th June 2016

Issue 026

Is modern front-end development overcomplicated?

20th June 2016

Issue 025

What are the best equipments for programmers?

13th June 2016

Issue 024

How do software developers spend their weekends?

6th June 2016

Issue 023

AMA with Eric A. Meyer and David Walsh, How should differently-abled people learn coding, Challenges when putting Docker containers into production and more

30th May 2016

Issue 022

Upcoming AMAs, Shadow DOM vs Virtual DOM, Building a notification system, MERN 2.0 and more

23rd May 2016

Issue 021

AMA with Wes Bos, Client Side Rendering vs SSR, Building a custom Developer PC, Creating Facebook like Activity Feed and more

16th May 2016

Issue 020

How to get real value out of Hashnode, Silly mistakes developers do, DevOps killed by Managed Services and more

9th May 2016

Issue 019

MobX AMA, Convincing Boss to use Git, Unit Testing React Components, All about GitLab and more

2nd May 2016

Issue 018

AMA with Chris Coyier, Top CLI tools / hacks for productivity, When to use React and more

25th April 2016

Issue 017

AMA with Chris Coyier, SurviveJS | GitHub vs Bitbucket, Flexbox patterns and more

18th April 2016

Issue 016

AMA with Lee Byron, Front-end CSS frameworks to try in 2016, Productivity tools that developers use and more

11th April 2016

Issue 015

npm is the Beating Heart of the JavaScript Ecosystem

4th April 2016

Issue 014

AMA with Jeffrey Way, all about BEM, managing styles in React and more

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